It’s time to battle it out.

2020 was a whirlwind. There was a lot of change for everyone. The good, the bad, and the neutral.

Rewind back to June 2020, I told myself I was ready for a change. What kind of change? Well, I’ve been working in a real estate for almost 3 years and ready to challenge myself in a different way.

Immediately I was presented with imposter syndrome.

“I’m not smart enough to be a software engineer.”

“I can’t do it.

“Is it worth the risk or should I stay in my comfort zone?

If you’ve…

Short and quick intro to CSS Flexbox

Gif courtesy of Giphy

Ever want to create a navigation bar on your website that is responsive to your users’s display and interactions?

The Flexible Box Module (or flexbox for short) is a one-dimensional layout model that allows items in a specific container to “flex” or distribute space.

Being one-dimensional allows the layout to be modified one dimension at a time. This could either be a row or a column. If you’re looking to control both rows and columns together, check out CSS grid layouts.

Which way do you want to flex?

Photo by American Public Power Association on Unsplash

Imagine be able to type a line of code in your terminal that generates files for you.

Generator - a command line shortcut that creates and edits files using boilerplate code

Welcome to the world of rail generators.

If you’re familiar with Rails, then you’ve probably come across some kind of generator.

If you’re using generators as a crutch, then I would go back to the drawing board and learn the required file types first before relying on generators.

How to access rails generators?

There’s a reason why coding bootcamps have the word bootcamp in them. During your program, you eat, breathe, code, sleep (kind of), and repeat.

If you decided to take the leap into enrolling into a full-time software engineer course, it is important to create a strong foundation right from the beginning.

After being a little indecisive about when I would start the program, I finally committed a start date and recently completed my first week of the Flatiron School immersive software engineer program.

Below are 8 things I wish someone told me before attending my first week at a…

Luis Torres

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